Some of the Best Restaurants in Kitchener

Some of the Best Restaurants in Kitchener

Some of the Best Restaurants in Kitchener and the Waterloo Region.

Best Restaurants in Kitchener
Best Restaurants in Kitchener

Best Restaurants in Kitchener The Waterloo region is full of so many various and unique restaurants, it can sometimes be tough to decide where you want to eat out. Have you ever had that dilemma? With such a wide variety of options to choose from it can be difficult to narrow it down.

Do you want to eat something simple in some of Best Restaurants in Kitchener? Are you wanting to try something new? Will the whole family have something to enjoy in the Best Restaurants in Kitchener?

There isn’t an easy answer for all of those, but here are some of the best restaurants in Kitchener and surrounding areas to help ease some decision making when it comes to eating out.

Something on the Healthy side in some of the best restaurants in Kitchener:

  1. Cafe Roya – This is a very chic and hidden gem in Waterloo. This Cafe Roya is always offering high quality meat, vegetarian, and vegan options (all with amazing flavour and beautiful plating). Creative combinations of ingredients never leave you disappointed. Dine-In, Take-Out, and AMAZING catering options.
  2. Guac Mexi Grill – This fresh Guac Mexican Grill is filled with great flavourful options. Salads, Burritos, Tacos and more… You can enjoy an affordable light lunch that is a change from the typical Sub or Pizza Slice. *Make sure to add ‘Guac Seasoning’ to whatever you get because it’s definitely a game changer*
  3. Pure Juice Bar + Kitchen – If you are near Downtown Kitchener, it’s worth stopping by Pure JBK to grab something healthy from their Menu. Ranging from Breakfast to Dinner there are always great options. KETO options and other dietary restrictions are recognized.

Romantic Night Out:

  1. Rustico Kitchen and Bar – An Italian Restaurant that gives you an authentic rustic feeling accompanied by modern and elegant high quality food. Classic pasta dishes are always a great ‘go-to’. During the summer, it would also be quite possible to argue that they have one of the best patios in the Kitchener-Waterloo Region.
  2. Choun Kitchen – Tucked away in Downtown Hespeler, Choun Kitchen is a family owned Asian Fusion Restaurant that can satisfy pretty much anyone. They can easily customize food to accommodate any picky eaters so that the whole family can enjoy a meal together. Service is always friendly and the ambiance is well set.
  3. TWH Social – This modern style bistro is perfect for a Date Night. Enjoy locally sourced food, warm ambiance, and creative dishes to share with that special someone. There are plenty of things to do Downtown and the TWH Social is a great stop to add to your Romantic Night Out.

Sweets and Treats:

  1. Just Love Pie Cafe – Located in the Atrium in Uptown Waterloo, this Pie Cafe is something you didn’t know you needed in your life until now. It’s a great spot to stop in for a quick lunch….OR to treat yourself to a personal size pie. The Menu of fresh pies changes daily so there is always a new reason to stop by Just Love Pie Cafe.
  2. Ambrosia Corner Bakery – A very cute spot to sit down and grab a warm drink to enjoy with a fresh pastry. In addition to the fresh treats offered there…you can also purchase a variety of locally handcrafted food items to take home and use.
  3. Norris Bakery – This longtime staple of the Kitchener Community is well known among many. They have so many great options for treats including doughnuts, cookies, pies, cakes, and more…but the treat that everyone is familiar with is their Long Johns. Whether is be Chocolate or Plain, the Long John is a Must Try if you are in the Kitchener Area.

These are just some of the Best Restaurants in Kitchener to help you make your choice in the large selection of restaurants you have available to you in the Kitchener-Waterloo Region.

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