Mexican Food Waterloo and Amazing Burritos

Mexican Food Waterloo and Amazing Burritos

Guac-Mexi-Grill-COVER-Mexican-Burrito-Taco-Quesadilla-Authentic-Fresh-Catering Mexican Food Waterloo
Mexican Food Waterloo

Have you been searching for your “Go-To” place for Mexican Food Waterloo

Mexican Food Waterloo.  Are you a fan of Fast Food, but not a fan of Preservatives and Artificial Flavours? 

Maybe you just want to find a place that provides quality affordable catering?

Guac Mexi Grill opened in Waterloo earlier this year and since then has become a definite favourite for fast, quality Mexican Food.  The atmosphere is bright and welcoming…but where they really shine is AMAZING TASTE of their food. Guac Mexi Grill offers a wide variety of handmade Tacos, Quesadillas, Nachos, Burritos, and more…

Upon my first visit, I ordered Chicken Tacos with relatively simple toppings and sauces along with their special ‘Guac Seasoning’. My second time I got a Burrito with the same ordeal finished with their ‘Guac Seasoning’ and it was amazing. My third time I got Shrimp Tacos and once again it was topped with the ‘Guac Seasoning’. THAT IS THE KEY!  I highly encourage you to add the ‘Guac Seasoning’ on whatever it is that you get when you visit. That is how Guac Mexi Grill has become my ‘Go-To’ spot for Fast Mexican Food and I’m sure if you give it a try you will feel the same.

Guac Mexi Grill is very passionate about the fact their food is free of Preservatives or Artificial Flavours. Their 100% grain-fed chicken, Canadian triple A beef, is real meat cooked in real Mexican seasonings which give real flavour and give you a really good feeling about what you are eating. Carefully marinated overnight and charred at perfection. You can taste the difference pretty quickly!

They also have amazing options for Catering whether it be for smaller groups like a staff lunch or a corporate event which has a lot of mouths to feed, their TACO BAR gives a wonderful ‘create-your-own’ taco experience without sacrificing any of the quality that Guac Mexi Grill has to offer.

Allow them to Cater your next event, or give them a chance to become your new ‘Go-To’ stop for Mexican Food.

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