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Coming from humble beginnings, we were previously known as KW Restaurants at in the early 2000’s, we served roughly 500 Restaurants from all over the Kitchener Waterloo Region and were getting up to 400,000 views/month from local users looking for KW Restaurants and some of the best restaurants in Kitchener Waterloo and was a simple and easy to use tool for the public to read through all the local Menus available to them and decide where they would like to eat.  Over the years of running, we received many amazing and valuable suggestions from restaurant owners regarding features and upgrades that they wanted to see out of it.  We took all of those suggestions very seriously! Fast-forward to 2019, and those suggestions have now become a reality. 

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Times have changed and so have we. Our platform has been enhanced from the KW Restaurants to the MenusVenues Site to better serve the public users, and the restaurant owners in more ways than just one.  Read more About Us. A completely redesigned interface allows for the Users and Restaurants to communicate in a much more seamless manner.

Users can be updated on deals/specials that their favourite restaurants are offering, while also easily allowing them to discover new “favourite spots” locally around their city such as KW Kitchener Waterloo.

KW Local Restaurants can just as easily send Push Notifications through the MenusVenues Mobile Apps when they hold a special deal or a unique event. By utilizing our powerful ‘Search’ function, Users can also discover new places through keyword searches that pull from all the local businesses to ensure they find what they are looking for to satisfy their craving. Together we are creating a community of Foodies that love to share the social experience that food has to offer.

At MenusVenues we have a different outlook on things. We serve a different purpose. We are in ‘Get Out’…not ‘Take Out’. Food Delivery can be convenient, but it’s moving away from what people naturally crave…Social Stimulation. The goal we have is to get people out of their homes and exploring all the wonderful places their city has to offer such as Toronto or KW Kitchener Waterloo.

There are so many great deals and so many places to get together with friends to eat/drink…but it’s no good if people don’t know about them. We intend on being the main hub where everyone goes to decide where they want to eat/drink and what they want to do that day. The collaboration between Restaurants and Users through MenusVenues will create a more social community and everyone benefits from that.

Did we mention this new platform works on a Global Scale? We are proud of the fact that we are a Startup from the Waterloo Region and really want to be a strong support for our local business owners and grow our social community. However, we know that this is something that needs to be addressed on a much larger scale and that is why MenusVenues can work for any restaurant around the world.

We intend to allow any user travelling anywhere the ability to discover unique spots to eat and discover. With User reviews easy to post on MenusVenues, you can know exactly what the locals recommend to ensure you have the best experience while you are travelling abroad. 

One spot to see everyone’s Menus! There is no more need to Google each restaurant you are considering to find their Menu on their website (Not to mention trying to find the Menu on their website). MenusVenues offers a simple solutions that allow users access to everyone’s Menus easily in the palm of their hand through our Mobile App. Restaurants are even able to have an image for every single Menu item so that Users can see exactly what they would be getting.

MenusVenues can serve the purpose of so many more businesses than just restaurants. Any of the following can utilize MenusVenues and instantly be able to interact with their clients better: Restaurants, Cafes, Ethnic Food, Brewery, Venue Hall, Night Life, Sports Bar, Food Truck, Stadium, Pub, Bistro, Bakery, Catering Company, Buffet, Banquet Hall, Concert Hall, and so many more… Mexican Food Waterloo, Pie Cafes Waterloo, Best Sandwiches Waterloo, Best Vegan Food Kitchener, Italian Food Kitchener.

Signing up couldn’t be any easier. Simply click on “Register” in the top right corner of the website and enter your information as required. Users will sign up as a “Foodie” and Restaurants will sign up as a “Vendor”. Once signed up simply confirm your account with an email that will be sent to you, and you are good to go! Immediately start following your favourite restaurants and discover many more to add to your list.

Restaurant owners can easily monitor their Dashboard to track how many Views, Favourites, Shares, and Reviews their Listings get. It’s so easy to make adjustments to your listing and add new events/specials…and if you ever run into any trouble, just click on the Support Icon in the bottom left corner to submit a ticket and we will respond as quickly as possible to ensure your listing is up and functioning just how you want it. 

Want to get the word out more about your Business or Event? Click on the “Share” button on any Listing or Event to easily share it to your Social Media pages so that your friends and like minded people are able to also take advantage of amazing deals as well as discover new ‘must try’ restaurants near them. Also share your amazing experiences at your favourite restaurants in the Reviews section of their listing so that new visitors can have a trusted opinion on whatever they come across.

It’s all really that simple with MenusVenues. We live by our slogan “Local Food, Fun & Events”. Join us today and be a part of the movement. Let’s work together to create a socially connected community…and let’s enjoy some great food along the way!

Visit us at and start discovering Local KW Restaurants and Events today.

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