Best Sandwiches in Waterloo

Best Sandwiches in Waterloo

Search for Waterloo’s best sandwiches.

  1. Are you looking for a great bang for your buck and the best Sandwiches in Waterloo?
  2. Looking for quality sandwiches for lunch or even catering for an event? 
  3. Maybe you just want to play your part in supporting an independent/locally owned business?


Best Sandwiches in Waterloo at Jimmy’s Feed Co. on Weber St. N in Waterloo is serving up some AMAZING Sandwiches at a great value. The simplicity of this sandwich shop is what makes it so great. You have an independent business owner Jim Boone that offers an amazing quality service to the City of Waterloo by creating simple, tasty, and LOADED sandwiches that are affordable for any budget.

A Menu to choose from that has 11 perfectly designed sandwiches so everyone can have their “Usual” order and never be let down. Vegetarian and Gluten-Free options ensure Jimmy’s Feed Co. can satisfy anyone.

What’s more satisfying than an amazing sandwich at a great price? Knowing that you helped support a local business owner in the process!

Click HERE for the Business details and pay Jim a visit, or call in advance to coordinate a catering order!

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