Best Pies Waterloo.  Looking for Pie like Grandma's?

Best Pies Waterloo. Looking for Pie like Grandma’s?

Best Pies Waterloo.  Have you been looking for a Cozy Lunch Spot to enjoy Meals and Pies as well as something a little sweet?

Been considering something UNIQUE for events like a Birthday or Wedding?

Best Pies Waterloo. Just-Love-Pie-Cafe-Youtube-Thumbnail
Best Pies Waterloo.

Or even just wanted specialized catering for a work function?

Try some of the Best Pies Waterloo.  The Sweet and Savoury Pie Company specializes in fruit, cream and meat pies using traditional recipes with local, natural ingredients. Their pies are baked fresh daily and offered to you without any preservatives. Following the success of The Sweet and Savoury Pie Company, Just Love Pie is a specialty bakery AND cafe that handcrafts each pie with love, local and fresh ingredients. At Just Love Pie, you can now sit down in their cozy Cafe to enjoy even more than just a Pie.

A daily rotating Menu of freshly made Savoury Pies, Salads, Sandwiches, and Wraps allows you to make this Cafe the perfect destination spot for a quick lunch, a small business meeting, or even just to sit down, relax and quietly enjoy your meal finished with a personal pie of your choice. Each day their Pie Menu changes to reflect what is made fresh that day. These Pies vary between Savoury (With Vegan options), Fruit, and Cream. There is always something you can enjoy at Just Love Pie Cafe.

Ever had a Pie Milkshake? That’s right! Pick which pie you would like and they will blend up a slice of it into a masterpiece of a milkshake. Not a big fan of cake? How about a Birthday or Wedding Pie?! Work with Just Love Pie Cafe to come up with a custom creation for the PERFECT Pie to share at those truly special moments.  Savoury and Sweet Pies are available for Catering which means there is no excuse to not order from Just Love Pie Cafe by The Sweet and Savoury Pie Company.

Visit them today or call ahead to have your favorite flavor set aside for you!

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