Vivo Pizza + Pasta Waterloo, KW Events, KW Restaurants

Vivo Pizza + Pasta Waterloo, KW Events, KW Restaurants


Vivo prides itself on the food we serve.   We work with numerous chefs from all across the world who have a passionate love for food, cooking, and the Italian cuisine.  We are constantly looking to provide our guests with an experience that is extensive, and second to none. An experience like no other when it comes to Italian cuisine.

At Vivo we only use the highest quality ingredients to create the finest Italian dishes.  Our vision to perfect and deliver the best Italian cuisine has led to the creation of VIVO- a restaurant that is committed to offering traditional Italian pizzas and pastas that taste right from the motherland. Our chefs knows that the quality of food and recipes done the VIVO way will capture the hearts of Canadians looking for the number one Italian culinary experience in the nation.

Buon appetito, and we’re excited that you’ve chosen to eat and enjoy Italy the VIVO way.

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