‘Trivial DISPUTE’ is Descendants’ very own general trivia league hosted on Wednesday nights. Starting @ 7pm, this league runs for a 12 week season. Get a team together (2-6 ppl) and come out to show off your quiz smarts! Questions are hand-picked and compiled by our host Rebecca, so get ready for categories including geography, history, pop culture, and more! Prize for highest scoring team and Grand Prizes given out at the end of each season.
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Trivial Dispute at Descendants Beer & Beverage Co. is AMAZING! Because the Grand Prize is a $250 party for your team in our bierhalle!

AND you can get points for a plethora of things, like winning, coming weekly, and bringing other teams

AND it starts at 7:00 pm on Wednesdays

AND Rebecca is an amazing host

AND there’s awesome craft beer and a full bar available

See you on Wednesday

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